Monday, 24 March 2014

Compressor of air cooled water chillers

air cooled water chillers
The compressors which are being prevalently implemented in air cooled water chillers are reciprocating, screw driven centrifugal. Each kind of compressor has their own merits and demerits. Like those of scroll compressor is of reduced size and being potential effective. The compressors hold the key feature of each type of water chiller. An air cooled water chiller eliminates the moisture from the liquid fluid by the application of a cooling system which has capability to deplete the same moisture into the surroundings.

The cooled chiller promotes by the utilizing the alter physical state of a refrigerant air which is pumped out with a great pressure along with the conversion from a liquid to a gas, arresting the vapor via the chiller evaporator heat exchanger. Then the converted gas is being transmitted to the chiller refrigeration compressor which is being shortened into a warm squeezed gas and finally transferred to the condenser.

The refrigerated compressor is actually a pump that applies current to pump out the refrigerant over the system. On the basis of different structure needs like temperature etc. varied compressor technology is being applied. Minor chillers utilize compressors like rotary compressors, scroll compressors, and reciprocating compressors. While the bigger water chillers comprises of reciprocating compressors, screw compressors, absorption compressors, and centrifugal compressors.

Air cooled water chillers have capability to secure enough money of the users. So, its better despite of wandering on the types of chillers you can go for water chillers which pumps water in a closed circuit and thereby minimize the volume of water and are user friendly. Such type of chiller may also be applied in the situation where fluid must be at a specific temperature, which enhances the utilization of fastidious tools or stuffs which can be accordingly managed and composed because even a minute error could erupt in a huge damage.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

HVAC Air Conditioning Systems Manufacturers

Today the people are becoming smarter and precautious in order to remain healthy. They are more interested and are aware to use eco friendly technologies. Everyone is conscious about the hazardous rays being emitted from the tools and techniques and thus polluting the environment. Moreover even government also aims to put up managements and objectives which would minimize the concentration of carbon from the surroundings. The main source of carbon pollutants are air conditioning chillers.

So, after lots of struggles finally engineers have constructed a technology referred as HVAC manufacturers which have tendency to decrease the carbon effluents and thereby providing a healthy life to users.
HVAC Manufacturers India

HVAC Manufacturers India devised in order to keep you mild and sunny in wintertime and chill and frost in warm season. HVAC units are manufactured in such a manner that it utilizes limited amount of potential with non hazardous rays. Due to increment in the cost of air conditioning systems in India it gives a reason to Cristopia cooling solutions to manufacture a chilling device which is at affordable rate with green friendly and have capability to work with great efficient. This allows even middle class people to smile on their face with reduced electricity bills.

After providing so much of merits its maintenance totally depends upon the users. Moreover, you must be confirming about the filter cleaning of HVAC system. It must be removed after 1 month of use and if you have pets or are situated in polluted area then you are advised to change more frequently. In order to have maximum amount of flowing air just apply a minimal price of filter which you can easily change. Removal of filter is necessary as hindrance in HVAC system will definitely cause your operator to run harder and thus its effect on functionality can be easily seen.

Latest model of HVAC unit has been implemented with R410A which confirms its positive role in the market. Always remember to compensate your refrigerant system with the skilled professionals because it includes greater pressure and a measurement gauge that desires proper acknowledgement.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Screw Chillers - Best Option for Air Conditioning

Screw Chillers
Are you not satisfied with the present air conditioning system? Then screw chillers are the best option for you. But before purchasing it, one must be sure of its features and properties. A buyer must look for the finest and perfect transitory and operator before purchasing it. You will come across plenty of organizations but it totally depends on your choices whom do you trust most.

Prior you begin the inspection or enquiry; you are advised to know what screw chillers stand for? These are actually approved by vibrant and involves hi tech technology in its construction.  Its recommended to the customer to grant some time and just browse the specific air conditioning technology on Google as well as for transitory and operator who can favor you in order to have screw chillers which will surely provide relax relief in the hot warm season.

There are enormous points which should be noted down before browsing suppliers. The primary and forth most point is to understand the properties, application and lineaments of the device which you are interested. This will help you to acknowledge the variety and description which are being applicable in the scenario and its price range.

After grasping and analyzing all the data about the chiller, it’s time to have a look on constructors or manufacturers. It’s obvious that you will come across lots of organizations. But you have to pick the one which devotes for the top quality with reasonable price. Enumerate the prospect of organization, audit their manufactured device and then jot down the top five organizations which can value for your entrusted capital.

Two key points that is utmost important is for warranty and sales service. So, opt your preferred organization with proper research. Cristopia Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. offers twin screw compressor recommending semi-hermetic motor and twin independent refrigeration and hydraulic coils which functions separately. The device is being manufactured to regulate the process of heating and chilling process.   At the same time the manufacture device can work for different temperatures. Thereby it enhances the potential efficiency of chiller in contrast to other chiller. Moreover, it is user friendly, easily adjustable and much more flexible.

Properties of twin screw cooling devices or screw chillers:
  • Twin Screw Compressor: These twin screw compressors, comprises of semi-hermetic motor, independent from refrigerant circuits.
  • Multiple Evaporators: It consists of multiple evaporators that minimize flow of the refrigerated water and pumping power, with minimized bulk of device.
  • Advanced Electronic Expansion Valves: It helps in enhancing potential efficiency; regulate temperature and results in safety.
  • Intelligent Microprocessor-based Controls: Intelligent Microprocessor-based Controls grants completely integrated and maximum procedure with excellent rigor.