Wednesday, 18 June 2014

How to Choose Heat Pump Manufacturer India

Heat pumps are not a new technology, neither they have revolutionized like cell phones. They are available in wide variety under various brand names, but when buying heat pumps for commercial or industrial purpose then it is vital to spend on something that reduces operation cost, capital cost and pollution. Also, make sure that you choose product that helps in maintaining the ecological equilibrium. Fortunately, heat pump manufacturer in India, provides pumps that have all these and many more such features.
Heat Pump Manufacturer India

You will be thrilled to know you can also access products that have dual functionality. The heat pumps not only help you create the desired atmosphere in your surroundings, but also provide heat water that too without any additional energy consumption. Heat pump manufacturing company in India provides heat pumps that have various unique features. Some of the key features include:
  • Intelligent control: The heat pumps have advanced generation intelligent microprocessor based controls. This guarantees completely optimized and coordinated operation in all conditions with accurate precision.   
  • Extended service life: Variety of safety devices are fitted in Heat pumps, including high and low pressure protection, discharge temperature control, water flow control, phase inversion protection, freeze protection etc. All these devices together help in increasing the service life of heat pump.
  • Energy efficient: These heat pumps are designed to reduce energy and maintenance costs, thus results in supreme operational cost savings.  
  • Maintains ecological equilibrium: The heat pumps are designed in a way that they reduce level of carbon dioxide emissions. This in turns assists in preserving the environment and maintaining the delicate ecological equilibrium.
With the help of World Wide Web, you can easily locate a Heat Pump Manufacturer India. Furthermore, you can find everything about their services and products on their official website. You can get tech specifications, download brochure and find out everything that you need before placing your order. You can easily find heat pumps for your commercial as well as industrial requirements. So, don’t just buy a heat pump buy a dual functionality device that can help you meet your requirements keeping operational cost and capital cost low.  

Friday, 23 May 2014

How to Choose the Best HVAC Air Conditioning Systems

You can experience the effects of global warming and pollution as soon as you step out. The only place where you get a little better quality of air to breathe is your house. Your house is a place where you feel most secure and highly protected. This makes it vital to choose a heating and air conditioning system that can present you with great surroundings to live in, in terms of comfort and quality of air. This is where it choosing HVAC systems manufacturers becomes vital. You cannot just choose any system; it is essential to choose a system that guarantees to deliver best performance and is energy efficient too.
HVAC systems manufacturers India
The first thing you should know about HVAC system is that this is a type of device, which is a dingle piece unit that help you meet all your cooling and heating needs. HVAC is an acronym for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Two different types of systems are available, local and central or local. A central system is perfect if you are looking for a central system that can cater for your heating needs. All your heating needs are provided from single unit, whether it is furnace or a boiler. Water, steam or heated air is then circulated through duct work or pipes throughout your home. Heat exchanger creates forced air heating, which results in heat exchanger itself getting hot, then air is forced through this and then in the surroundings.
While in case of air conditioning systems India, it is same as forced air heating, the only difference is that it flows through a coolant exchanger, rather than being passed through a heat exchange. The duct work is same, it’s just the cool air that flows, in this case. Choosing the right HVAC manufacturers India is something you really need to keep calm, think about and discuss with your family. The increased number of air conditioning systems manufacturers has made it vital to think over that can best help you meet your requirements. With the help of internet you can easily get in contact with a manufacturer and discuss your heating and cooling requirements. They also assist industries sin choosing the best HVAC system.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Find Everything About Dual Screw Chiller Online

screw chillers - - dual screw chillers
Are you looking for perfect cooling solutions for pharmaceutical and bulk drug industry? Screw chiller can best suffice your needs. Now several questions must be popping in your head right now- what are screw chillers, how they different from water cooled and air cooled chillers, what are its features and from where to get them? Worry not, you can find answers to all these and many more questions online. World Wide Web is the best way to get all the information you need. You can also locate reputed and leading manufacturer online.

Dual Screw chiller comprises of twin screw compressor which features a semi hermetic motor and two independent hydraulic and refrigeration circuits. This chiller is extremely Eco-friendly. So, if you are one of those individuals who use environment friendly products then this is a great option. Now, when we talk about manufacturers then this product is available under number of brand names. This widens your options but also makes it bit confusing to choose the best manufacturer. It may seem difficult but it is not if you use correct approach. Internet is the best medium to find about various manufacturers and their reviews.

The manufacturers have their own dedicated websites, where they not only list all the available products but also present you with its details like features, specifications etc. Some unique features that you can find in screw chillers includes: twin screw compressor, intelligent microprocessor based controls etc. You can also know about the company and their services. This will also help you get an idea about the company and their services. You can also find reviews about their services online and find out what their customers have to say about them. You can also find their contact details. So, if you have any confusion or queries then you can get in contact with them to know more.

The products are very reasonable priced and energy efficient, so don’t worry about your budgetary levels and install best quality cooling systems in your industry. 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Energy efficient chillers: knows its types and applications

Summers have just started and it is clear that Sun is not going to be kind on us in any way. This definitely makes it vital that we only find a way out to beat the summer heat. Whether we talk about residential chiller or chillers used for commercial purposes, they are simply the best to combat the summer heat. Chillers as name suggests are electronic equipments which uses the process of evaporation and condensation to bring down the temperature in a room.
Now, moving from the simple definition of chillers to its types, they are classified on various grounds like functioning, portability and more. On the basis of functioning they are classified into two types, which are as follows:
Water cooled chillers: If you are looking for energy efficient chillers that can help you cut down power consumption and in turn your electricity bills then water cooled chillers are simply the best. They are also great alternative for set ups where air cooled chillers fail to deliver what is required.
Air cooled chillers: They don’t require a condense water pump and cooling pump. They also require less maintenance. It is great solution if you want to enjoy enduring services without being bothered by regular maintenance or servicing costs.
These cooling solutions are used in number of industries ranging from laboratories to plastic industry, printing industry, food processing and diary and many more. Depending on your requirements you can also opt for scroll chillers. Scroll chiller is basically used in mobile set ups or commercial HVAC cooling. These different types of cooling systems are becoming immensely popular amongst industries all around the world. And why not, they not only guarantee best cooling but are very pocket friendly solutions as well. In addition, by partnering with reputed and leading manufacturer like Cristopia Energy Systems, you can get best chillers for your residential or commercial requirement in your budgetary levels.
They specialize in large and small scale cooling and heating solutions. Backed by extensive industry experience, they guarantee 100% customer satisfaction as well as great savings on your electricity usage.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Compressor of air cooled water chillers

air cooled water chillers
The compressors which are being prevalently implemented in air cooled water chillers are reciprocating, screw driven centrifugal. Each kind of compressor has their own merits and demerits. Like those of scroll compressor is of reduced size and being potential effective. The compressors hold the key feature of each type of water chiller. An air cooled water chiller eliminates the moisture from the liquid fluid by the application of a cooling system which has capability to deplete the same moisture into the surroundings.

The cooled chiller promotes by the utilizing the alter physical state of a refrigerant air which is pumped out with a great pressure along with the conversion from a liquid to a gas, arresting the vapor via the chiller evaporator heat exchanger. Then the converted gas is being transmitted to the chiller refrigeration compressor which is being shortened into a warm squeezed gas and finally transferred to the condenser.

The refrigerated compressor is actually a pump that applies current to pump out the refrigerant over the system. On the basis of different structure needs like temperature etc. varied compressor technology is being applied. Minor chillers utilize compressors like rotary compressors, scroll compressors, and reciprocating compressors. While the bigger water chillers comprises of reciprocating compressors, screw compressors, absorption compressors, and centrifugal compressors.

Air cooled water chillers have capability to secure enough money of the users. So, its better despite of wandering on the types of chillers you can go for water chillers which pumps water in a closed circuit and thereby minimize the volume of water and are user friendly. Such type of chiller may also be applied in the situation where fluid must be at a specific temperature, which enhances the utilization of fastidious tools or stuffs which can be accordingly managed and composed because even a minute error could erupt in a huge damage.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

HVAC Air Conditioning Systems Manufacturers

Today the people are becoming smarter and precautious in order to remain healthy. They are more interested and are aware to use eco friendly technologies. Everyone is conscious about the hazardous rays being emitted from the tools and techniques and thus polluting the environment. Moreover even government also aims to put up managements and objectives which would minimize the concentration of carbon from the surroundings. The main source of carbon pollutants are air conditioning chillers.

So, after lots of struggles finally engineers have constructed a technology referred as HVAC manufacturers which have tendency to decrease the carbon effluents and thereby providing a healthy life to users.
HVAC Manufacturers India

HVAC Manufacturers India devised in order to keep you mild and sunny in wintertime and chill and frost in warm season. HVAC units are manufactured in such a manner that it utilizes limited amount of potential with non hazardous rays. Due to increment in the cost of air conditioning systems in India it gives a reason to Cristopia cooling solutions to manufacture a chilling device which is at affordable rate with green friendly and have capability to work with great efficient. This allows even middle class people to smile on their face with reduced electricity bills.

After providing so much of merits its maintenance totally depends upon the users. Moreover, you must be confirming about the filter cleaning of HVAC system. It must be removed after 1 month of use and if you have pets or are situated in polluted area then you are advised to change more frequently. In order to have maximum amount of flowing air just apply a minimal price of filter which you can easily change. Removal of filter is necessary as hindrance in HVAC system will definitely cause your operator to run harder and thus its effect on functionality can be easily seen.

Latest model of HVAC unit has been implemented with R410A which confirms its positive role in the market. Always remember to compensate your refrigerant system with the skilled professionals because it includes greater pressure and a measurement gauge that desires proper acknowledgement.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Screw Chillers - Best Option for Air Conditioning

Screw Chillers
Are you not satisfied with the present air conditioning system? Then screw chillers are the best option for you. But before purchasing it, one must be sure of its features and properties. A buyer must look for the finest and perfect transitory and operator before purchasing it. You will come across plenty of organizations but it totally depends on your choices whom do you trust most.

Prior you begin the inspection or enquiry; you are advised to know what screw chillers stand for? These are actually approved by vibrant and involves hi tech technology in its construction.  Its recommended to the customer to grant some time and just browse the specific air conditioning technology on Google as well as for transitory and operator who can favor you in order to have screw chillers which will surely provide relax relief in the hot warm season.

There are enormous points which should be noted down before browsing suppliers. The primary and forth most point is to understand the properties, application and lineaments of the device which you are interested. This will help you to acknowledge the variety and description which are being applicable in the scenario and its price range.

After grasping and analyzing all the data about the chiller, it’s time to have a look on constructors or manufacturers. It’s obvious that you will come across lots of organizations. But you have to pick the one which devotes for the top quality with reasonable price. Enumerate the prospect of organization, audit their manufactured device and then jot down the top five organizations which can value for your entrusted capital.

Two key points that is utmost important is for warranty and sales service. So, opt your preferred organization with proper research. Cristopia Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. offers twin screw compressor recommending semi-hermetic motor and twin independent refrigeration and hydraulic coils which functions separately. The device is being manufactured to regulate the process of heating and chilling process.   At the same time the manufacture device can work for different temperatures. Thereby it enhances the potential efficiency of chiller in contrast to other chiller. Moreover, it is user friendly, easily adjustable and much more flexible.

Properties of twin screw cooling devices or screw chillers:
  • Twin Screw Compressor: These twin screw compressors, comprises of semi-hermetic motor, independent from refrigerant circuits.
  • Multiple Evaporators: It consists of multiple evaporators that minimize flow of the refrigerated water and pumping power, with minimized bulk of device.
  • Advanced Electronic Expansion Valves: It helps in enhancing potential efficiency; regulate temperature and results in safety.
  • Intelligent Microprocessor-based Controls: Intelligent Microprocessor-based Controls grants completely integrated and maximum procedure with excellent rigor.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Chilling Computers - Water and Air Cooled Chillers

air and water cooled chillers
What will happen to this summer? How will we overcome from the hot warm summer? All such types of questions kept on struggling in everyone’s mind during the entrance of summer season. Chillers are the best option and manufactured in such a manner to refresh the house and workplace. These chillers acts like a locked system that employees a simple mechanism of heating and cooling of the surrounding air within the area. Chillers are devised as per the need of entity. Throughout the air conditioning devices air cooled chillers, water cooled chillers are the most popular one. On the basis of their nomenclature one can easily gets an idea that air cooled chillers applies surrounding air to evaporate the zone while water cooled chillers applies water to chill the zone.

Units of air and water cooled chillers:

The twins have analogous units or constituents. The technology comprises of an evaporator, condenser, compressor, and an expansion valve. The one and only divergence is the utilization of either air or water in order to freeze the surrounding place.

Principle on which both the devices functions:

The process initiates within the evaporator in which melted refrigerant is being progressed from the evaporator tube stocks and thereby vaporizes, arresting all the warm air from the frozen water rotating via evaporator tube. The chilled fog is starved from the compressor. This compressor injects the chilled fog inside the condenser establishing the pressure and temperature. The refrigerant compresses either on or within the condenser tubes, delivering its warm air to the frozen water or air. Now, the pressurized melted refrigerant from the condenser goes via the expanded unit which actually minimizes the refrigerant pressure and temperature as soon as it get in the evaporator. This refrigerant is being recycled from the coils of frozen water and henceforth captivating greater amount of heat and in this manner whole process comes to an end.

Steps for maintaining Water Cooled Chillers & Air Cooled Chillers:

Different types of chillers have different types of needs in order to preserve, protect or maintain their specialty roles at their best height.

In order to grasp all such properties in your air conditioning devices one can go for Cristopia Energy Systems India Pvt. Ltd. The designed chillers meets all the needs of user such as maximal affability by granting both individual and lesion compressor units within the autonomous refrigerant districts. Chillers are completely manufactured in an exclusive manner, appliance structure and precautionary measures and hereafter delivering enhanced practical authenticity.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Air Conditioning System Provider - Cristopia Energy Systems India

During the heat wavy summer season Cooling and Heating System Manufacturer are the best method to worn out hot weather. Due to increment of humidity in the atmosphere it results in unhygienic condition as it is the favorable temperature for reproduction of harmful bacteria and parasites. The continuous circulation of soggy air creates an atmosphere filled with syndromes and immune sensitive.

Here comes the role of air conditioning systems which not only cools the surrounding air but also purify the unhygienic air circulating around us. This will translate stinky air into fresh air which is snug to inhale. Such kind of Dehumidifiers are applied everywhere whether it would be for household purpose or for business term.

Cristopia Energy Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd. is air conditioning systems in India, well furnished specialist with a team of engineers who assembles both large and small scale cooling, heating and energy management solutions, like those of Air Cooled & Water Cooled Screw Chillers, Scroll Chillers, and Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems, in India. Below are the properties of Kriscool chillers:
  • Energy Efficiency: Reduces the energy expenditure and preservation price which will save your budget.
  • High Performance: Chillers are compactly designed in order to cater maximal outcome in lesser space.
  • Maximum Reliability: Chillers are compiled with futuristic component design, machine configuration and lots of safety properties which brings maximum flexibility .
  • Dual Functionality: Permits alternative de-super heaters, facilitating hot water generation, totally costless.
Air cooled chillers (30 TR 565 TR):

Its a technique where air is used to consume heat Which is totally Eco-friendly. Such chillers have nominal cost of HFC refrigerant which is internationally authorized. The designed chillers have been certified to the refrigerant leakage of limit of 1 gm/year, thereby resulting in the optimal leak-proof cooling solution.

Features attracting viewer’s concentration:

  • Adaptive Control: Adjustment of internal controls which can be fitted to any of the systems.
  • BMS Communication: Includes MODBUS/BACNET/ETHERNET/LON protocol permitting enhanced flexibility.
  • Extended Service Life: Implemented with safety equipments like those of Phase Inversion Protection, Discharge Temperature Control, High & Low Pressure Protection and Anti-short Cycle
  • Ergonomic Interface: Eco-friendly LCD screens demonstrating Parameter Readings, Temperature, Pressure, Time and Log Menu and much more.
  • Pump Control: Permits On/Off control up to 2 pumps.
Water cooled chillers:

It is a process which is used to administer exchange of warmth through water to a refrigerant. After that this refrigerant is switched to a place where desolated heat is transmitted to the surrounding. It implements nominal cost of HFC refrigerant which is internationally authorized. The designed chillers have been certified to the refrigerant leakage of limit of 1 gm/year, thereby resulting in the optimal leak-proof cooling solution.

Features attracting viewer’s concentration:
  • Multiple Condensers: Furnished with multiple independent condenser circuits and cooling tower fan control that permits lower condenser flows which operates at lower machine capacity.
  • Adaptive Control: Modify the inner controls which can be implemented to any of the systems.
  • BMS Communication: Implements MODBUS/BACNET/ETHERNET/LON protocol establishing safety measurements.
  • Extended Service Life: This service can be applied to plenty of safety devices like Water Flow Control, Anti-freeze Protection and much more which enhances the life expectancy.
  • Ergonomic Interface:  Eco-friendly LCD screens demonstrating Parameter Readings, Temperature, Pressure, Time and Log Menu and much more.
  • Pump Control: Permits On/Off control for up to 2 pumps.